Photography exhibition Fields Labour

Published on: 20 July 2022

In partnership with L’Eté photographique festival of Lectoure, the Château de Mons en Armagnac presents Myriam Richard exhibition called works in the fields. It shows the all-day life of families cultivating fields, orchards and gardens. Since 2019, Myriam Richard has been following these families struggeling and working the fields, trying to keep preserving the heritage and know-how in the Gers department.
Simultaneously, the exhibitions also shows some examples of cyanotype printings.
It is a negative monochrome photographic process invented by an British scientist in 1842, from which a Prussian blue, cyan blue photographic print is obtained by contact. So easy, the process can be operated by children or adults. The cyanotype is a gateway to an artisanal practice, and a way to go backwards through the history of photography by asking ourselves about the notions of uniqueness and our relationship to the photographic medium.