Demoiselles Lunch
Published on: 13 January 2023

Sunday, January 22nd at 12.30 pm Demoiselles Lunch at Château de Mons !

What’s Demoiselles ? It is a carcass of duck grilled on the barbecue. This typical dish from Gers region is usually eating using fingers !

If you are looking for genuine products, book your table ! Ducks are raised in the Ferme Fleurie in Caussens, the wines offered come from the Domaine de la Haille in Montréal du Gers.

Don’t miss this unique lunch served in a musical atmosphere with the group « Marion et les Garçons ».

The lunch includes a starter, the Demoiselles and vegetables. A cake bar from Mandorra pastries with be a disposal (with supplement).

Information and reservations by phone at + 33 5 62 68 46 18